The Agony in the Garden

Agony in the Garden by Carl Heinrich Bloch

How to Announce this Mystery When Praying the Rosary:


In the First Sorrowful Mystery, let us contemplate the Agony of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Garden and seek contrition for our sins.


In Primo Mysterio Doloroso, Agoniam Domini Nostri Iesu Christi in hortu contemplemur, et contritionem pro peccatis nostris petamus.

The Source or Sources of this Mystery:

From the Gospel According to St. Luke 22:39-44

39 And going out, he went, according to his custom, to the mount of Olives. And his disciples also followed him. 40 And when he was come to the place, he said to them: Pray, lest ye enter into temptation.

41 And he was withdrawn away from them a stone’s cast; and kneeling down, he prayed, 42 Saying: Father, if thou wilt, remove this chalice from me: but yet not my will, but thine be done. 43 And there appeared to him an angel from heaven, strengthening him. And being in an agony, he prayed the longer. 44 And his sweat became as drops of blood, trickling down upon the ground.

The Gospel According to St. Luke 22:39-44